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ore than 195,000 women and 1,500 men will discover that they have Breast Cancer this year. If you do not have breast cancer, we want to show you everything that we are aware of to prevent your getting it, how to detect whether you might have it, and how to offer help if others should get it. If you should happen to get breast cancer, or have it now, we want to show you what    Please be sure to read the Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.   might be done about it.                                                         

ny cancer that grows in our body will kill us. . .unless we can find it and get it out of our body AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! The three most important things that we can do to find a growth in the breast that may become malignant are: regularly scheduled mammograms, annual Clinical Breast Exams with your health practitioner, and monthly Breast Self-Examination.. We want to show you how to do Breast Self Exams properly.

hen young people grow up and become mature people, their breasts go through many changes. We want to help them understand just what to expect, and what to do if the expected results do not occur. More mature people may have some concerns about this too. Visit the Breast Awareness Section

or many, God placed breasts on our bodies for the sole purpose of feeding our offspring. With an increased knowledge of breast anatomy, and an explanation about how breasts produce milk, we hope to encourage more mothers to make the choice to breastfeed their new arrivals. Visit the Breastfeeding Section

e all enjoy finding new information, learning about medical breakthroughs, and discovering other current topics of interest. Also, everyone enjoys getting mail (as long as it is not advertisements or bills… or politicians asking for the bills in our wallet), and we are no exception. Please feel free to write to us, or to ask any questions that you feel we can help you with. Visit the Topics Of Interest Section.

lot of research has been done since the mid 1990's about whether there is a possible link between the wearing of a brassier and it causing a higher risk of breast cancer in the one wearing it. We have added a section that will directly deal with this concept where we will publish literature from some of those researchers. You will find it under Bra/Breast Cancer. We hope that you will take the opportunity to read what these innovative people have to say to us.

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Link to an article by Sydney Ross Singer
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They Never Mention The Bra!
An Opinion
When we read about research on the cause of Breast Cancer, we never hear about the part that is played by the wearing of the bra. New Jan 2013


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