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"My Breasts Are Too Small. How Can I Make Them Normal, Like Everybody Else's?"
                                                 By Ken L. Smith                                      July, 2018

I receive a lot of letters from women that are upset because of the size of their breasts. Some fear they are too large, or not the same size as each other, and a lot of them are upset because their breasts are “too small”. Let’s look at this in a reasonable way. Too small for what? We don’t get concerned about our hands being too small or our feet, or anything else, nearly as much as we concern ourselves about our breast size.

Where is it written what size breasts SHOULD be? I was in high school a long time ago. A dude named Presley was hitting the music scene and lads from England were on the horizon. Anyway, all the boys in school just KNEW that a “perfect” sized woman measured 36-26-36. Bust-waist-hips. And who set those numbers as being the ones that everyone tried anything that was available to make their breasts and body match those "standards"?

Playboy magazine had started a few years earlier, and they had a centerfold image in each copy that had a woman that came really close to those measurements. Did she look good? Oh, yeah. But was she “perfect”? Well, we were told that she was. Was the girl that was 34-26-36 less perfect? What did those extra two inches do for the first girl that the second girl did not have? I hate to say this… but the larger girl just had an extra two inches of fat. Sorry. Two-thirds of the average breast consists of body fat. The rest is what they call “acini”, or “milk-producing” tissues. Yes, I know… “But it’s cute fat!”

The Playboy Playmate was not necessarily worried about how much milk she could produce, which is what breasts do, but that would make no difference anyway. All breasts can produce the same amount of milk, regardless of their size. Milk is produced on an “on demand” process, being produced by the acini tissues, any quantity and for as long as needed. Women with small A-cup breasts can breastfeed twins very successfully. So, milk production was not what determines breast size.


It all boils down to what is “popular”, really. Back when my father was a teen, the most “popular” women were known as “flappers”, who used to dance the Charleston Dance and they were very flat-chested. A “perfect 36” would have been a wall-flower back then. Girls were taping their breasts down to their chests, so they would be “socially accepted”. Smaller-busted women were in their heyday back then.  >>>>>




<<<<<   By the time I was in high school, women were wearing bras that made their breasts look like ice cream cones in their sweaters. The term “Sweater Girl” became the term that was popular.

Yes, they really looked like this. No, those are not natural… they did not use implants in those days, other than stuffing glass wool inside the breast, but the bras forced the breasts into those pointed shapes.


Only fifteen years later, the hottest woman in the world, when it came to fashions and style, was a gal named “Twiggy”, and her name describes her body well. Her dimensions? 31 – 23 – 31. What happened to the “Perfect 36” from just fifteen years ago? >>>>



Before you say “How can anyone tape down their breasts, or wear a sweater like that?”, realize that this is how “everyone” looked. Sound familiar? Do we do things like that today? In 2017 more than 300,000 women did more than wear a funny bra. They went under the knife, endured pain and discomfort, and spent nearly $6,000 apiece to have breast augmentation… breast implant surgery. Just to get larger breasts. Breast Augmentation is the number one choice of elective, cosmetic plastic surgery today. Nearly as many went through the same pain and expense to make their breasts… smaller.

So, fifty years from today, what will people be saying about us today? “Wow! They paid money and endured pain and suffering just to make their breasts a different size than they were to start with.”

Today, anything that relies on popularity to make you appear attractive or be ‘approved’ by the popular group, runs the risk of its popularity changing. We see that happening every year or every ‘season’ when the fashion houses come out with new styles, and we have to toss everything in our closet and buy new stuff. I think maybe that may be planned by the fashion industry, what do you think? Or, you can put your "out of style' clothing in storage and bring it back out when it comes “back into fashion” one day. Maybe that Poodle skirt and those pink pedal pushers my wife has will be popular again?!

What about those people that are sensible enough to ‘make do’ with what they have, naturally? I'm talking about breasts. Everyone wants to be popular, and ‘eligible’ for a future marriage, so they fear not being “in the running” if they don’t look like everyone else. But, there are all different sizes of breasts out there, and your breasts are two of them. No two breasts are the same, including the two you have, so since everyone is different, what is wrong with being proud of the ones that you have? Below, you will find seventy women pictured, and they have 140 breasts, and I bet you cannot find any two of them that are identical, or even the same size. We love Jerry Seinfeld, but would we want everyone to be Jerry? Wouldn’t we want a couple of Placido Domingo’s slipped in there, or maybe a Brad Pitt? I do know this though... every one of the breasts that are illustrated are  absolutely beautiful.

One reason women may not be comfortable with their natural breast size, as we have said before, is that “no one else is like me”. You don't mean EXACTLY like you, because no one is exactly the same. What you mean is no one else is as SMALL as you are. Or as LARGE as you. Your breasts are smaller than the average size breast (36 C-cup this year in the US), that is true, and you fear that you are alone. That is the reason there are images of a bunch of beautiful ladies in this article, and they all have breasts that are less than a 36-C. They are like you. You have just not had the opportunity to see very many of them like this. Any that look like you, at least. Most beaches in the US are not open to top-free bathing, and mothers are encouraged NOT to breastfeed in public, and you don’t attend a nude resort, so where WOULD you have the chance to see that there are more women out there that are just as beautiful as you, than you know. You are used to seeing larger breasts in movies and magazines. That is because the producers and editors think that is what "sells" the movie or the magazine. But what they do not know is that many, many people actually prefer smaller breasts. The average person may look at the girl on the beach with DD's, but that does not mean they want to marry her. They are just curious. Sort of like looking at a car wreck, right? Well, maybe not, but it is more out of curiosity than anything.

These images were taken right off the internet. So, you can just imagine how many women are just like these and they are unknown. They fear that no one wants to see them top-free because they are “too small”. But many people actually prefer small breasts over large breasts. You just don’t hear from them, because large breasts are more popular, and anyone that actually likes something else “MUST” be goofy. No one likes to tell everyone that they are “different” from the “norm”, and actually prefer smaller-breasted women. Well, may I introduce you to the silent majority.

You should not feel cursed because your breasts are smaller than the average. There are really good reasons for you to be thankful for your smaller breasts. Here are a few of those reasons:

  1. Smaller breasts are not in the way when you want to do anything, like run, or jump, or play tennis, or dance. Ever see a ballet dancer with DD’s? Balance is wrong, and they are literally in the way.

  2. Small breasts allow you to wear just about anything you want to wear. Fashions are available that suit any occasion, any mood, any style. You can even wear your brother’s shirts, and believe me, THAT is sexy. You can wear button-down blouses and shirts and dresses… no gapping. And you don’t have to find a specialty shop that makes fashions for your greater than normal breast size. That can be a real problem.

  3. There is absolutely no reason for you to wear a bra. Bras lift heavy breasts, but your breasts are built to support themselves. When you are older, they will start to sag some, but all women face that, and no bra will stop that. The only reason you have to wear one is to hide large nipples from protruding, but there are other ways to prevent that, or you can just accept that as how it will be. Why not? Smaller breasted women get that option. And wearing a bra does cause breast cancer, regardless of what bra manufacturers and bra sales people will tell you. But not you… no bra!

  4. Smaller breasts do not add 10 to 15 pounds in front of your chest, pulling you forward, and that causes all kinds of problems: back pains, shoulder and neck pains, and poor posture.

  5. Your breasts are naturally ‘perky’, and that means you look younger, longer. Not what you want when you are a teenager, but when you are in your third decade of life, you will relish the young look. And perky breasts will not rest on your torso, causing perspiration and rashes under your breasts.

  6. Small breasts allow you to more comfortably sleep on your stomach. Imagine trying to do that with two 5-lb bags of sugar on your chest.

  7. Small breasts are 25% more sensitive during your intimate times, when you want them to be sensitive. That, you will learn, is worth its weight in gold.

  8. Small breasts are easier to keep close watch on with your Breast Self-Examination program. The more tissue in your breast, the longer it takes to examine them.

  9. When you are lactating, smaller breasts are easier for your little one to suckle, and much easier for you to express by hand expression when that needs to be done.

  10. And when you walk down the street, you are less likely to attract the attention of the weird dudes that are only interested in mammary glands. Speaking of… someone claims that elegant gentlemen of means prefer women with smaller breasts. It might be fun for you to check that out for yourself.

All of that may be good, but what about what is important… “How does my man feel about small boobs?” There is only one way to find out… Ask! You will never know until you ask. If you two formed a relationship with the breasts that you have now, and he is still with you, then don’t you think he is OK with not only your breasts, but with YOU? The whole you? It is not like he is hoping that after you guys get married, your breasts are going to double in size or anything.

  1. Let’s boil this down to the base question: You have breasts, but wish they were larger. What are your choices? There are only four chances that your breasts will increase in size: Possibly your breasts have not finished developing. Breasts are known to continue developing as late as the age of 25 years. If you are younger than that, but there has been no change in your breast size for a period of 24 to 30 months, you can assume that they are not going to develop any further. One indication that you still have some developing to come yet would be if your breasts are in the fourth Tanner Stage of development. You can read more about it here:   Stages Of Breast Development but basically, Tanner Stage Four is indicated by a small mound that is under your nipple, almost like a small breast on top of the larger breast. Like this image shows. This would indicate that your breasts still have some developing to do before they are done growing.

  2. You can gain weight… AND. It won’t help just to gain weight, because you have no control over how and where the excess fat is deposited. Likely it will go where you DON’T want excess weight. Or, it might go on your breasts. But you just don’t know where it will go.

  3. You can lactate. This usually requires you to become pregnant and deliver a child and breastfeed that child. The good part is that if you have never been pregnant or lactated before, your breasts will likely enlarge one or two cup-sizes, and remain that way… until you stop lactating, and then they will return to nearly the same size they are now, and you DON’T want to get pregnant just to get larger breasts. There is another option, sort of. You can induce lactation without becoming pregnant, through the process of Re-lactation, and you can learn about that here:  Re-Lactation Overview  , but that will require you to maintain the production of milk for the amount of time you want larger breasts. Stop lactating and they will return to the present size.

  4. Surgery. This is NOT recommended. Read articles about the negative aspects of breast augmentation, not just the positive stories published by doctors that make their living surgically changing your breasts. Remember, today’s modified breasts will be tomorrow’s pointy sweater girl breasts, or flapper girls.

There is no device, no exercise, no hormone, no herb, no medicine, and no special treatments that will enlarge your breasts for more than a short time, and when they re-heal themselves, they will return to their present size.

The true secret to happiness when it comes to your body is learning to love and respect the body that you were born with. I know that sounds pretty empty and light, but it really is the Golden Secret. You will not attract a mate by your body. You will attract them with your attitude, your words, your actions, and your overall sincerity.

Oh… and don’t forget this… with your smile!!! 😊  

A Smile Beats Any Pair, Any Day.


 These lovely ladies are gathered here to allow you to see a sampling of ladies that have breasts the same size as yours, or you may find some here that are even smaller than you. I can tell you that they feel good enough about themselves and their breasts to have posed for these images. The more women you see that are 'your size', the more you can appreciate this special bunch of ladies.

The last twenty-seven women in the pictures may look familiar to you. Their images have their names attached. They are women in Hollywood or media or in the news or maybe entertainment... women that make a living from performing, and from being seen. You KNOW that they are quite proud of their assets. Perhaps we can learn from them.



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Agyness Deyn

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Amanda Peet

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Ana Cristina

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Angela Lindvall

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Anne Hathaway

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Ariana Grande

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Ashley Judd

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Cameron Diaz

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Cara Delevingne

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Charlize Theron

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Debra Messing

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Demi Moore

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Emma Watson

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Gwen Stefani

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Gwyneth Paltrow

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Kate Moss

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Kate Hudson


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Katie Holmes


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Keira Knightley


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Lupita Nyongo


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Mila Jovovich


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Morena Baccann


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Natalie Portman


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Olivia Wilde


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Selena Gomez


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Zoe Saldana



These images were taken from the internet. Most have no ownership mark. Some images may be owned by a photographer, and if you own one and don’t want it here, please let me know and I will remove it. If you can show you own it and wish it to remain, I will gladly credit you for the image, with our appreciation. Some images are owned by clients that have given permission to use them. My thanks go to all of the models and their photographers. A big Thank You for helping to educate everyone.