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September 7, 2018

There are multiple reasons that a woman makes the decision to live a bra-free lifestyle. One of them is to see their breasts change back to a natural, normal shape and size, after they have been held in a bra for many years. By taking three (or more) images of their breasts at the time they remove their bra for the last time, and then repeating those same images at a later date, they will see those changes happening to their breasts. Take a series of images at the time you start your bra-free lifestyle, then again at one month, then three months, then six months, and then at one year. Keep those filed on your computer off disk so that you can see the changes.

If you care to share with other women that have not quite made up their minds yet, the changes you have experienced, submit them to us and we will post them on this gallery, and as you take the updated images, we will add them, so that everyone can see the visual changes to your breasts that bra-freedom brings.

Imagine what damage was being done to your breasts, while they were constantly being held in an unnatural position for all of those years.

Just write to Ken at http://www.BreastNotes.com  and ask him for his instruction sheet on how to take these images. The purpose of doing them the same each photo session is so Ken can re-work them in PhotoShop to make the changes more readily visible. Send in images that show from the navel to the chin, and include space on either side of your arms. That allows Ken to crop it to match your other images you send in later.

We welcome images from you. They will be very helpful to other women to see that being bra-free, your breasts have taken on a new natural shape, in some cases they have become larger, and they have not at all sagged lower. You may be able to see that many of them have actually lifted somewhat, now that your ligaments are being put to work. They retired when you put on that first "Trainer" bra. Remember that?

These are one of our members' images. She offered these as an example of what you want your images to look like. We are grateful for her consideration and willingness to help other women.



Actual Members Images To Monitor Breast Changes Since Being Bra-Free



Age 46   Bra-Free for Six Months:

...and one year later... bra-free 18 months..
We do not see any drop, and may be seeing some slight lift. There is definitely a slight change in the profile of the breasts, where their shape is a little more elongated and natural, no longer being compressed by a bra. .

Of course, the purpose of these images are to show, for all our benefit, that being bra-free does not mean your breasts will droop overnight. These images look very similar, but, I assure you, the top row was taken one year earlier than the lower row.



We do not have any "Before" images of this young woman. She is one of the IBFS Members and offered her image to show how breasts can survive without a bra.

She wore a bra for five years of her life, but removed all bras forty years ago. Yes... 40 years.

She has no breast pains, no shoulder pains, no depressed shoulder strap marks, and her breasts have achieved a natural shape, like they are intended to be.

Nipple Protrusion? "I don't worry about these things... I don't care who looks at me."

"All the men in my life met me bra-free. They never knew me in any other way!"




Take an image of yourself, wearing something that you frequently wear now that you are bre-free and send it in so other women can see that bra-free still means "fashionable" and "attractive".

Age: 44   New to Bra-free life.












Age 47    Bra-Free For Two Years




Age 46   Bra-Free for Ten Months - 34-B cup (US):

"Summer outfit - I like the double layer of the fabric giving good support to the breasts.  Nipples are visible (I donít care) but you can use nipple pads if very self-conscious."


"Ruffles camouflage breasts and nipples."


"Black color is my best friend ;-)"


"Patterns distract attention from nipple protrusion."



Age 37    Bra-Free for Ten Months - 36-D cup (US):


"Here are pics of my four favorite tops to wear. Nipple visibility is due to all the quick clothing changes. I found that soft stretchy tops like these are very nice to wear. I live in a beach town where often people wear bathing suits walking down the street, so this might not be appropriate for all locations. But itís what I feel comfortable wearing.