Bra-Free Overview

(Breast Freedom)

Training Bra-Free

September 9, 2018

You are now Bra-Free… but what about others in your life?

Do you have a daughter that is 8 years old? Or maybe 10? Or maybe a granddaughter? Has she started asking for a bra yet? If you have made the decision that wearing a bra is not good for your breasts, then you need to ask yourself a very important question: Are you going to educate your daughter about what a bra does to her breasts? And are you going to support your daughter in not wearing a bra? If more young women actually were told… were taught by mom… the dangers the bra causes to breasts, they would start their own movement an eliminate the bra from the closets of the world. And don’t think even for one moment that there is not a large commercial industry that is scared to death that actually can happen.

Go back in your memory and ask yourself just why it was that you “just had to have a bra.” If you knew at the age of 12 what you know now about breast health, would you have asked your mom to buy you that first bra?

You may say “Let her wear a training bra, and after she is older, I’ll talk to her about breast health.” Really? Is it not the fact that you have worn a bra for so long that it is now a habit that you wear one? Just like smoking, when is it easiest to break a habit? Twenty years later… or the day you start?

You now know that you don’t need a bra. You only wear one now and again because… you go to work… you go out… and you wear a bra on those times only because of social pressure, not because your breasts need a bra. Wearing a bra at any time is allowing society to control your breast health, and with a third of a million new breast cancer diagnoses every year, I don’t think society is concerned about your breast health.

So, why is your daughter, with AAA-cup breasts, putting on a bra every morning? If you ask her, it will be social pressure that makes her wear it. I can guarantee you that. “Everyone wears one”. “The teacher told me I should wear one”. “I don’t want the boys to whistle at me”. “I feel grown up… older women have breasts and they wear bras, so if I wear bras, I’m an ‘older woman’”. “If I don’t wear a bra, people will think I don’t have any breasts.” “It’s the right thing to do”. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Some young women would gladly forgo the bra, but most of them will wear one because of the societal expectations from “everyone”. You may wonder if it is worth the effort to try to counter all of the comments she hears from friends and even strangers. It seems everyone has an opinion about why a girl should wear a bra, when she should wear it, and what will happen to her breasts if she leaves the bra off. So you may have to prepare yourself for a very strong sales pitch.

You already know what bras do NOT do:

  • Bras do not make breasts grow in faster or slower.

  • Bras do not keep breasts from drooping, and it has been proven that bras actually CAUSE breasts to sag earlier. The general public still believes bras prevent breasts from sagging. They do… but only as long as you don’t take the bra off.

  • Bras are not necessary to prevent breasts from having pain when a woman exercises or runs, if she has allowed her ligaments to develop on their own. Bras rob the ligaments of their opportunity to develop due to the bra taking over the task of lifting the breasts. If a young woman never wears a bra before her breasts reach full development, her ligaments of Cooper will also develop along with her breasts and be full size and strength, and she can run and jump without any pain.

  • Bras do not prevent back and shoulder pain, and in fact can cause the pain because the shoulders have to take over the lifting of the breasts when the ligaments are not allowed to do that. Ligaments pull from the strong chest muscles, not the shoulder and back muscles. Women who never wore a bra do not have shoulder and back pain from large breasts.

  • Bras do not keep a young woman “safe” and “secure” from unwanted attention by others. In a bra or out of a bra, breasts attract attention.

So, just what does a bra do then?

  • Bras do prevent lymphatic fluids from circulating in the breasts which does cause development of breast pain, breast cysts, and breast cancer.

  • Bras do prevent the natural movement of the breasts that is necessary to move the lymphatic fluids throughout the breasts.

  • Bras retain heat so that the breasts are kept at a higher temperature than they are designed to be, which may cause breast disease.

  • Bras cost a lot of money, and more than one style is required to fit various fashions.

  • Training bras make mother, big sister, grandma, and the teacher all happy because it will ‘hide’ growing nipples and breast buds. Pressure from her closest society members.

  • Training bras ‘train’ young women to get used to wearing a bra, so they will buy more as their breasts develop later on. That’s called “Marketing”.

  • A bra makes a young woman feel “grown up” because grown women wear bras, so if she wears a bra, she is ‘grown up’.

  • A bra may help keep other girls and boys from teasing the young woman. Societal pressure.

  • Wearing a bra makes the woman “feel pretty.” Good ads have done that.

  • Wearing a bra makes the woman feel more ‘comfortable’. Societal shaming has done that.

  • Wearing a bra makes a woman with no breasts look like she has breasts. Societal pressure again.

Bras… and that includes a teen’s “training” bra… are worn for only one reason: Societal Expectation. There is no other reason to wear one. When you gave up your bra, only one thing caused you to put one back on, even if only for a short time, and that was… uh huh… Societal Expectations. “Look Professional”. “Dress Code”. “Someone Will Object To My Nipples”.

We know that the breasts are normally held up by Ligaments of Cooper, and the stretching ability of the breast skin, but when a young girl puts a bra on, her ligaments are not required to develop as the breasts develop, so they remain weak, and when the bra comes off, the breasts have very little support, and they will droop.

 “Everyone wears one.” and “All of my friends are wearing one.” A young woman’s society is very important to her, and where she stands in that society is important as well, but is it more important than her breast health? It is our responsibility to re-train the young women now, so that they don’t have to go through the decades of pain and breast disease that we had to go through, before learning they can take that bra off NOW.

One new devotee to the bra-free movement literally collapsed in tears to learn that she did not have to wear a bra. That shows how strongly the young women are brainwashed into wearing a bra.

When you try to share your newfound knowledge with your daughter, there will be pressure to keep her bra on… from society. But society will not be there to comfort her during her mastectomy or feed her kids when she succumbs to breast cancer. We are responsible for what society is today, so who else will be there to change society’s expectations and make things better. Women that don’t wear bras have the risk of getting breast cancer that matches the risk a man has… [ one in 165 women] . That sure beats the [ one in 8 women] that we are seeing in the State of California and many other parts of the world. mostly because of the bra. And lowering those odds will not require even one single medication, one single medical treatment, or one single scientific discovery to do it. Taking the bra off is all that is required. But you already know that.

Do you want to do something to help womankind? Really? Then let’s do the next generation a tremendous favor and knock breast cancer down to the much lower rate.