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"How can I dress, be Bra-Free, and still be 'acceptable' in public?"


Throughout this website we encourage women to dress to promote better breast health. This means removing the threat of wearing a bra, but that usually requires changes to be made in a woman's daily selection of what she will wear. This section of BreastNotes.com is designed to help women to make selections from their closets to enable them to follow through with our breast-health suggestions.

It needs to be understood by all that no law requires a woman to ever wear a bra, and by not wearing one, no woman is making any kind of a sexual statement. She is merely making choices                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   to protect herself from painful breasts and breast cancer. Everyone should make every effort to help women to feel comfortable about being bra-free and not say anything about... or call attention to... her bra-lessness. We can all help her to keep her breasts more comfortable and safe from disease. She needs our support... no pun intended.

What challenges face a woman when she decides to take the positive step of removing her bra? Usually, she is very self-conscious about the fact that she has removed her bra. She has worn one since she first started to show breast development and her mom insisted she wear a 'training bra'. Most likely she has worn a bra for a lot more years than she was ever without a bra, playing in the park as a child in a T-shirt. She is concerned that without a bra others will notice her nipples protruding more than they normally did when she wears her blouse or sweater with a bra. And she is concerned that others will notice that her breasts move more than they normally do when restrained by a bra. With wearing a bra ingrained since her youth, she feels like she will be criticized for not wearing a bra. When she starts pulling her favorite clothes out of her closet, she may find that her breasts fall below the location in her clothing where they fit her best (thanks to manufacturer's placement of darts in the clothing).



Some women have breasts a little larger than a 'standard' dress or blouse size can handle, and she is forced to buy a larger size so the bust is not too tight, but that means the waist and hips are often too large. Readers of this site offer suggestions and sources of clothing that resolves these issues.
BRA-FREE FASHION TIPS To encourage women to take the next step toward better breast health, we discuss some fashion tips on how to address these fears by selecting some fashions and bypassing others.
BUILDING A BRA-FREE WARDROBE. If you have decided that you want to take off the bra for comfort and breast health, read about how to analyze your wardrobe and select clothing from your closet that will not broadcast to everyone that you have removed your bra. It is a matter of dressing your body in a way that your new freedom is not obvious to others.
BRA-FREE GALLERY. Readers have sent in images of their fashion choices to share with you. You are encouraged to join with them and share with us fashions that you have found to address your concerns about being bra free.
"BUT DOESN'T EVERYONE WEAR A BRA?" Peer pressure is very strong, and when a woman selects the outfit she will wear each day, she has in her mind just how she will look to others. And how 'everyone else' is dressing today has a lot to do with how she dresses. She is not anxious to be 'different', or at least THAT different. When deciding if she wants to be breast-health conscious, she has to wonder how she will look in public. But what if the 'beautiful people' of today are also not wearing a bra? Will that encourage her to not wear her bra today?
BRA-FREE HUMOR Sometimes it helps us to look at a subject from every direction possible, and in any issue as serious as breast-health, it may help to look at the issue in a humorous way.
I am an older male, so maybe it will help younger female readers to 'get it' about breast health if they view some YouTube videos that other young women have posted to tell them why they don't wear a bra.
More and More Experts Agree A reader writes in that her doctor suggested that she not wear her bra until her breast mass disappeared. This article shows the amount of pressure coming online to eliminate the bra .