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A Letter from Henry and Nina:

A doctor that I went to a few years ago for my very heavy periods suggested that I start taking a prenatal vitamin.  It conveniently has extra iron and everything I need now that I am inducing to lactate.  He is the doctor that recently reminded me that the pain that I suffer from Sarcoidosis was greatly reduced when I was breastfeeding, and he actually encouraged me to look into inducing lactation.  He is a saint and I adore him, and I know that I can go to him if I have difficulty lactating. I have breastfed children in the past, so I donít anticipate too much trouble in achieving our goal. 

Even though I'm attempting to lactate mostly for relief from my sarcoidosis pain, my husband and I have found a few phenomenal side effects from the whole glorious workings of the human breast.  

Three years ago my husband was bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider and nearly died.  He has since suffered several problems with his prostate and has had some issues with urination.  It has also caused  him to suffer from erectile dysfunction. When we started our ANR program and he was suckling my breasts, we found that he becomes erect and can maintain it until after we finish our ANR session. Obviously our ANR activities have enriched our sexual lives greatly . The sex is a very happy addition to our program. His anticipation during his day of our ANR sessions have enabled him to restore his sexual vigor. 

When I told my husband that Ken had suggested I take images of my breasts during our program to stimulate lactation (to gauge breast changes), he told me that he wanted to do some images for himself. How did I not know about ANR LONG ago??? 

My breasts are getting a good bit firmer and my armpits are becoming sore, which I experienced previously when I was pregnant.  When I awoke earlier today,  my Sarcoidosis pain level was a 7 out of 10. After he suckled, my pain dropped to a manageable 3 and I was able to go to sleep and nap very well for a couple of hours.  So, for me, breastfeeding is great for the relief of the pain from Sarcoidosis of the skin and joints, insomnia, and random pains, while for my husband it has helped him correct his erectile dysfunction,  and all just for the price of admission.  :0). Wonderful! 

I think our plan is working. I will post here when we see more success. 


                                                                                    Henry & Nina W. 


If you would be willing to share with everyone your experiences with your breast Re-Lactation to reduce or control various pains, I would love to post your story. I would be glad to help you write it if you would like that, and you will always maintain editorial control over it, even to the point of removing your story from the site if you so desire. If you wish to include images, send the highest resolution files and I will add them to your writing.
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