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Comments From Those That Have Chosen To Be Bra-Free:
We would love to have your story added to this column. If you would like to contribute your comments about how you decided to become bra-free, or what trials and tribulations you found in adopting this new lifestyle, or if you would like to describe your thoughts about whether you would encourage others to do likewise, please feel free to write it down and send it in to Ken@BreastNotes.com. He will work with you and allow you full editorial control over your story. Others are anxious to hear from you.

If your breasts are  considered to be a C-cup or larger and you have not worn a bra for the majority of your life, we would dearly appreciate hearing from you.

Story Number One  --  from Krystale Story Number Two -- from Brenda D. Lemus
Story Number Three  --  from Skye Story Number Four -- from Christie Aphrodite


Story Number One  -- 
from    Krystale
It was a bit tougher for her as she is lactating
"No longer considering breast reduction... pain is gone... breasts lifted... perkier... no leakage... "
I'm a 44DD (E, I know... but they don't actually sell them that way) and I've done just fine without a bra for well over two years. In the summer, or when I want to be a little discrete, or for work, instead of wearing undershirts I wear those tank tops with the extra... "shelf tank" I think they're called. They're like a two layered tank, and the bottom layer has under-the-bust elastic (but it ends there). They absorb moisture and it gives an extra two layers of cotton to attempt to blend my nipples. Sometimes I wear a jacket when I'm feeling self-conscious. (I was raised by the "good girls wear bras" mother Ken spoke of.)
Before I went braless, I was considering breast reduction, because the pain in my back and shoulders was unbearable. Before I even knew who Ken was I ran across his article one day and switched first to tanks with built-in bras (but removed the under-wires) and then moved on to the "shelf tanks". These days I have no problem going out in just a T-shirt. The back and shoulder pain is GONE, except for a stressful day now and then. The pain used to be constant. My breasts don't hang nearly so low as they used to when I'd take my bra off. While they still get sensitive during my cycle, they don't HURT like they used to. And although I'm lactating, I don't "leak" and I have no need for pads (my flow isn't heavy, which probably helps). I think having been bra free before lactating has something to do with it. Nothing is squeezing anything out.  

Later, she added this note:

On a happy note... bra-free life is still great. The nursing has made them perkier and stronger too. I even got away with going bra-free (despite my cup size) in a Fashion Bug fashion show! They offered a bra but didn't fuss when I refused politely. Be well and nurse merrily.


Story Number Two -- 
from    Brenda D. Lemus
She questions her decision to ever begin wearing a bra
"...I was told women SHOULD wear one... now my breasts do what they're supposed to do..."


Have you ever wondered why you wear a bra?  Moreover, did you ever question it?  I certainly didn’t in the beginning, which is rather strange since I have always questioned everything in my life.  I remember the first time I wore one of these contraptions--and it was certainly not due to my mother’s or family’s subjection to society’s traditions, for they failed to realize that I was developing into a young woman in those days.  So, embarrassed by the fact that every one of my female classmates was already wearing one of these things, and that it was getting obvious that I might “need” one very soon, I asked my best friend if she thought that her mother could give me a bra for my birthday.  Obviously, I was too embarrassed to ask my mother to buy me one.  So, the day came when I, in fact, tried on the so called bra, and... Oh My! Was that an uncomfortable and awkward day for me.  All of a sudden, I felt as if my little breasts had been imprisoned in what seemed to me a questionable item to wear.  That was at age fourteen. 

Then, by age twenty, this “thing” about the bra really bothered me, until one day I said to myself: “Wait a minute . . . why is it that I keep wearing this thing?  It is definitely uncomfortable, I can never find the ‘right’ size (I used to wear an ‘A’ cup, but somehow nothing ever fit me), it is expensive,  and most important of all... men don’t use one!  So, why should I wear one?  Do I need this?”  And, of course, the answer was “NO!”   So, I simply stopped wearing a bra!  And, oh my, was that a great feeling!  Free! No longer subjected to a contraption that I never wanted in the first place, but I began to use because I thought that is what all women should do.   

My friends began to tell me that not wearing a bra  was certainly not a good idea because now my breasts were going to sag earlier in life! Yeah, right!  As if a pair of “A” cup breasts had much to fear in this respect!  And, even if I had been a “D” like my mother, there is no way in the world that I was going to go back to “prison” after experiencing the comfort of simply letting my breasts do what they are supposed to do:  be naturally braless!  I was also told that now my breasts were going to hurt without support.  Well, up to this date, I don’t know what they were talking about since I never experienced any pain of any kind. 

No embarrassment ever happened either.  I discovered that simply wearing a snug camisole did the trick to “hide” those breasts that no one is supposed to “see.”  And, as far as clothing is concerned, I simply continued wearing the same clothes that I wore before.  I just refused to let my life be ruled by what society had imposed on me as a woman.  And so far... no one has ever complained! 

Now, there have been some "looking" every now and then, especially from my male counterparts, who seem rather curious to find out whether I, in fact, am wearing “nothing” underneath my clothes, as my nipples often protrude through the clothes I am wearing.  But, you know what?  I could not care less if they protrude!  I figured that if male nipples sometimes protrude as much as mine (just maybe in a smaller proportion), and they don’t seem to worry about it, why should I? Moreover, I don’t let my being braless prevent me from wearing any clothes that I might want to wear. In fact, some clothes look particularly sexy without a bra! 

So, I don’t let this “nipple problem” deter me from letting my breasts be free under my clothes.  I think that it is time for women to be themselves from all points of view, and to let go of all those societal taboos that seem to constrict us from being who we are: Women! With breasts! That do have nipples!  

One concern of many women regarding the health of their breasts is their movement, and the possibility that they will inevitably sag if a bra is not worn.  People tend to think that the bra actually helps prevent their breasts from sagging by minimizing their movement. However, this could not be farther from the truth.  By not wearing a bra the ligaments of the breast actually get stronger, allowing greater support to the breasts and minimizing their movement.  And this is exactly what has happened to me over the years of running, biking, swimming and powerlifting.  Even when I run now at a small size “B” cup the breast movement is slight and not uncomfortable at all. 

So, in short, my experience as a woman who has not worn a bra for over 90% of her life has been great, and my only regret is having ever worn one!  I have very avidly tried to convince other women to not wear a bra.  The results and consequences of living bra-free are wonderful, and extremely liberating.  Moreover, to be braless is not only exhilarating, but healthier, by all means, and I am sure that there are many more people out there that would embrace the idea of women being braless.  Some of them might be our male partners--husbands, friends, etc.  For all I know, my husband of thirteen years was always happy with the idea of my being bra-free, and never asked me to wear one, nor would I have ever listened anyway.   

Finally, while it is true that being small breasted has made things much easier for me to be bra-free, all women, whether large breasted or small, can manage to be braless in a subtle and effective manner.  Be brave, and venture into a new and healthier way of living for your breasts.  But, above all, think.  Think whether what you are doing with your body when you wear your bra is worth your discomfort, and most importantly, your health.  Wearing a bra is not healthy.  Among several of its disadvantages, wearing a bra interferes with the normal function of the lymphatic flow throughout your breasts, it atrophies the Cooper's Ligaments (thus allowing your breasts to further sag), and it keeps your breasts at a higher temperature than they are supposed to be. 

It is clear that my 51-year old breasts have certainly not suffered from my not wearing a bra for the last thirty-three years. This image was taken in late 2010. I believe that their lifted stature is a direct result of my Ligaments of Cooper actively supporting my breasts while I ran and did my powerlifting.

I share this information with everyone that I can relay this message to, and hope that one day we will all go back to what should once more come natural to us--the freedom of our breasts!



Story Number Three  -- 
from    Skye
Treat this one as a BLOG... Skye welcomes your comments and questions.
"...they never did fit right... it is so much cooler in the summer... write me about YOUR thoughts..."

My name is Skye. I am in my forties, married, with two children. To physically describe me, I am a tall woman and I like to describe my weight as being "sturdy". I'm actually between 175 and 180 lbs. I'm not really shy about my weight as you can see. Like almost everyone, I'd like to drop a few pounds but that will come in time, especially now that summer is coming. I am a 38-C in breast size.

Several factors encouraged me to go bra-less. I watched a very beloved family member pass away from a nearly fifteen-year fight with breast cancer. Quite frankly she was one of the bravest women that I have ever met. Because of the breast cancer issues, my husband has encouraged me to stop wearing bras.

I also chose to go bra-less because I could never find a bra that would fit... and that I could afford. Being a big woman, most bras would cut into my chest and shoulders. I have also had bras where one breast would fit and the other one wouldn't . I bought a silicone insert to "balance" myself out. I also felt very constricted while wearing a bra. I felt like I had iron bands wrapped around my chest restricting my breathing.

I live in the Southwest and the heat here at times can be unbearable. I hate to sweat into bras. I have tried going bra-less before and found that I have been more comfortable without them.

I am also a little rebellious in nature. I try not to fall into the marketing traps. Companies tell you "If you buy my product, you will be more attractive." My rebelliousness (or stubbornness?) nags at me when it comes to that kind of pressure. I tell myself that I know better, but I sometimes cave in to it anyway, and usually I'm disappointed. This attitude applies to wearing bras, and I feel I don't need a bra or a certain brand of bra to make me feel more attractive.

I have chosen to talk about this issue for several reasons. I would like to encourage women who want to go bra-less to make the intelligent decision to do so. I don't want it to appear that I'm pushing women to go without a bra, because I don't feel that it is right to push my beliefs on someone else. These are MY reasons why I have decided to go bra-less. I hope to put a human element to this topic by later describing my feelings, some of my second thoughts, the reactions from my employer and friends, etc., because I know I will face opposition when it comes to this topic and I'm willing address those issues.

I hope to hear back from other readers concerning this topic. Please address your comments and questions for me to Skye here at BreastNotes.com . I hope to not only learn from this bra-less experience but from others who write in as well.

I wish everyone a wonderful day.



Story Number Four  -- 
from    Christie
"The bra-free thing has done MUCH more for me than just the physical benefits, but I will try to remember them all here to share with you......."
Wow Ken! Thank you so much! Your article is FABULOUS and I think it will REALLY make a difference for women, being that they ALWAYS seem to bring up the question of what they see on National Geographic and ultra sagging breasts. I think that is one of the biggest things that keeps women from ditching the bras! How crazy is that, huh? Looks over health! I always try to explain to them that not ALL cultures are that way and that SOME actually tug at their breasts to make them longer due to their beliefs in their society...
Those photos will REALLY blow people's minds! EXCELLENT WORK THERE! Thank you! :-)
The bra free thing has done MUCH more for me than just the physical benefits... Not only have my breasts lifted and don't hang in my armpits anymore when lying on my back, I have lost my stretch marks, as well as the cysts and a clearly hard and firm lump I had in my left breast before I removed my bra.
No more menstrual pain at all, no breast tenderness, and no more back pain which is something I suffered with ever since I can remember! AND I attribute my emotional, mental and spiritual growth of true freedom and becoming (discovering) my true self to my deciding to be bra-free. It has opened me up in ways that are hard for me to put in words, but I was able to tackle many fears I have held onto in my life....my self consciousness, my fear of speaking publicly and making videos, my coaching business and it has opened me up to new revelations. I was doing this strictly for health reasons; I had no idea that it not only would help me physically, but emotionally, spiritually and mentally as well. It has helped me accept my femininity in a way that can only be understood by experience. My confidence levels have risen astronomically and I am a much happier person over all.
Go figure...it's hard to think clearly and get centered when you can't breath! I felt so constricted my whole life and had no idea that it was due to the bra! I was also pretty uptight and easier to 'program' and 'buy into' the self-hate that seems to be promoted! LOL

I knew the bra didn't feel good and I always looked forward to taking it off...but I was also programmed with the idea that I " ...better wear one full time or I will sag even worse!"  HAHAHAAHHAA

Blessings and Love,



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